Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener, Chainsaw, Reel Mowers, and Chipper in Barrie, ON

Blade sharpening is one of the more popular maintenance services provided by Mercer Equipment Inc. Whether you are maintaining a golf course or clearing brush, sharp blades can make a job easier and safer. We are happy to sharpen a wide range of blades, from the rotary blades of mowers to Reel mowers and chainsaws. We also sharpen wood chipper blades. Give us a call, and we can help you keep your equipment ready for optimum performance.

Importance of Regular Blade Sharpening

Our technicians can service and repair a wide variety of equipment, and blade sharpening is overlooked even more often than oil changes. Oil changes protect the inner workings of your equipment, but dull blades can also make your motors work harder than necessary. Dull blades can even be a safety hazard, particularly in equipment like chainsaws. For lawn mowers, it’s a good idea to inspect the blades at the beginning of spring and then after every eight or ten hours of use. For a homeowner with a small yard, a blade may only need to be checked two or three times a year. Grass that’s cut or ripped unevenly can be a sign that it’s time to check the blade’s sharpness.

We Sharpen Most Types of Equipment Blades

Regular sharpening is essential for more than just lawn mowers. We sharpen everything from Reel mowers to chainsaws. If you have a question about special equipment, just give us a call. Our team is familiar with many types and brands of outdoor equipment. Mercer Equipment Inc. carries brand name products from Husqvarna, Echo and Shindaiwa, Honda Engines, Kawasaki and other popular manufacturers. Give us a call to learn more about blade sharpening or to schedule an appointment for our repair service.