Monday, August 21, 2017 

Partner Spotlight: Husqvarna

Mercer Equipment Inc. strives to provide customers with the highest quality products. That means partnering with top manufacturers across the globe to stock dependable, hard-working outdoor power products. Mercer Equipment Inc. works with Husqvarna, a company renowned and respected for their innovative and exceptional equipment. Experience the Husqvarna difference.

About Husqvarna 

Husqvarna’s history extends all the way back to 1689 when the company was founded in Sweden to produce muskets for the Swedish monarchy. The company has since grown and divided into several entities that specialize in everything from motorcycles to sewing machines. The Husqvarna Group manufactures a full range of outdoor power products designed to weather the tough conditions of winter in Scandinavia. For centuries, hard working people have relied on Husqvarna tools to tackle the tough tasks.

Why Trust Husqvarna Outdoor Power Products

Husqvarna is a trusted name in outdoor power products and has been for centuries. Not only are their tools known for their dependability in any weather, but their outdoor power products also come with an industry-leading warranty that gives purchasers peace of mind that their equipment will provide value for years to come. Mercer Equipment Inc. can handle the servicing and repairs on all Husqvarna equipment in-store.

Husqvarna Products

Mercer Equipment Inc. stocks a large inventory of Husqvarna products to meet anyone’s needs. That includes Husqvarna snow blowers, leaf blowers, chainsaws, trimmers and lawn mowers. The Husqvarna lawn mower line includes riding lawn mowers, zero turn lawn mowers and even robotic lawn mowers.

Whether it’s a small job around the house or a major commercial project, Husqvarna tools will get the job done. Contact Mercer Equipment Inc. today by calling 705-503-3535 or filling out their contact form. We can supply the latest high-quality Husqvarna tools along with service to keep them running for years.

Monday, July 31st, 2017

Benefits of Routine Sharpening for Power Tools & Lawn Care Equipment

High-quality power tools and lawn care equipment can have long lifespans, but nothing was built to last forever. That being said, it’s possible to extend the lives of tools with the proper upkeep. Check out the benefits of enlisting the help of a professional blade sharpener.

Safer Operation

When it comes to the upkeep of power tools such as saws, the most important reason to keep them sharpened is for safety. A dull blade requires more force to be effective, therefore potentially causing operators to apply pressure that can yield to less control when making cuts. In short, a sharp blade is a predictable blade.

A Cleaner Cut

In addition to reasons of safety, it is also beneficial to keep blades sharp to maintain the healthy appearance of grass or any plants that need to be trimmed. For example, when using lawn care equipment, dull blades can result in the tearing of grass, which will turn the grass brown and make it more vulnerable to pests and diseases. On the other hand, regular servicing by a blade sharpener will result in a cleaner cut and keep grass and plants looking healthier.

Even Results

When using lawn care equipment, duller blades may also result in an uneven cut. Having blades that are overdue for sharpening may result in having to pass over the same area multiple times in order to keep the grass cut evenly. This can add to the time it takes to tend to the lawn or result in uneven growth rates.

Blade Inspection

Ensuring that blades for lawn care equipment and power tools are regularly sharpened is vital for creating a beautiful lawn and maintaining safe products that will last even longer. However, sharpening is not always the proper solution for blades not performing optimally. For example, thin blades can break or create safety issues if they are beyond their service life. If you are unsure whether or not the blades on your power tools or lawn care equipment need sharpening, do not try to inspect the equipment yourself. Instead, bring them to a professional who can properly (and safely) diagnose the issue

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

How Often Should You Get Your Lawn Mower Serviced?

Like any machine, a lawn mower benefits from regular tune-ups. Sharpened blades cut grass more efficiently, which means getting the job done in one pass rather than having to go back and forth several times over the yard. Lawn mower maintenance keep the same unit going strong year after year, letting homeowners and landscapers use the same machine over a long period. Regular maintenance makes a lot more financial sense than replacing a mower every couple of years.

A Need For Regular Service

Without service, many things can go wrong. Clogs can cause motor overheating, which can lead to expensive repairs or a dead unit. Without tune-ups, it can become increasingly difficult to start a mower. The spark plug may misfire. Dirty oil can fail to lubricate parts properly. With regular lawn mower repair and service, all these different components can continue to work together for an efficient, clean mow every time.

What to Have Checked and Done

At a minimum, make sure that the air filter is cleaned or replaced, the oil is changed, and the spark plug is replaced. This will keep the engine running smoothly. Beyond basic engine maintenance, have the blade sharpened. All the moving parts should be lubricated. The drive mechanism needs to be inspected, and the overall function of the machine should be checked. A good cleaning will also remove trapped grass clippings that can cause issues.

For best results, contact a lawn mower repair and service shop that has plenty of experience maintaining yard equipment. Ask for operating tips to improve the mowing job and extend the life of a mower.